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Rotary Endodontics

Rotary endodontics uses electric dental instruments instead of the traditional stainless-steel hand tools in order to perform safer and more gentle root canal treatments than ever. This electric tool is equipped with a nickel-titanium tip. This material is up to 5 times more flexible than stainless-steel!

Because of the unique movement and flexibility of our nickel-titanium instrument, we can more easily reach deeply into a curved root canal without damaging or stretching the vulnerable passageway. This will help us provide you with a quick and reliable root canal procedure.

Rotary Endodontics in Centennial, Colorado

Our Colorado endodontists prefer to use the rotary endodontic methods over the traditional root canal treatments. This is because rotary endodontic technology allows root canal therapy to run more easily and consistently.

Because of the reliability of rotary endodontics, root canal therapy can be performed much more quickly and with less chance of complications. Additionally, the quieter instruments and quicker treatment time allow our patients a more comfortable and less stressful or frightening experience at our office.

To learn more about rotary endodontics, or to make an appointment at our Centennial, Colorado endodontic office, please contact Syrpes & Pangborn.