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Post Op Instructions

Caring properly for your mouth after a dental procedure can reduce the risk of complications and speed up the healing process. Please don’t hesitate to contact Syrpes & Pangborn if you have any questions or concerns about how you’re healing.

Post-Op Root Canal Instructions

You will be provided with post-op instructions after your procedure at our office. Below are the basics of post-op root canal care:

  1. Blood Clot Protection – In order to keep the blood clot protected and intact, please do not stretch or pull the sutures near your surgical site.
  2. Do Not Rinse – For the first 24 hours, please do not rinse your mouth or use mouthwash. After 24 hours, you can rinse your mouth with salt water (1/2 tsp table salt mixed with 8 oz. warm water) every hour or two.
  3. Pain or Discomfort – It’s normal to feel some discomfort or pain after your root canal procedure. To control this discomfort, you can take over-the-counter pain medication as recommended. If you are prescribed antibiotics by our office, please take them for the indicated length of time.
  4. Cleaning – We recommend brushing your teeth and flossing carefully in the area of the mouth not involved in the surgical site. A cleaner mouth will heal more quickly.
  5. Eating – It’s important that you receive adequate nutrition following your procedure. If you find that eating normally is too difficult or uncomfortable, we suggest supplementing your diet with liquid meal replacement shakes.
  6. Sutures – If sutures were used on your surgical site, please make sure you’re attending your follow-up appointments for the removal of the sutures. It’s also normal for sutures to fall out on their own after one to four days after your procedure.
  7. Swelling – Swelling can be controlled by the gentle application of ice packs to the area for 20 minutes on and then 10 minutes off during the two hours following your surgery. Swelling reaches its maximum around 48 hours after surgery.
  8. Allergic Reactions – Lastly, if you have any signs of an allergic reaction including rash, fever, or itching, please make sure you contact Syrpes & Pangborn immediately.

What to Avoid After Your Procedure 

Below are a few things to avoid after your procedure:

  • Strenuous activity
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Smoking or the use of other tobacco products
  • Consuming liquids through a straw
  • Touching the surgical area

For more questions or concerns about the healing process, please don’t hesitate to contact Syrpes & Pangborn. We’re here to help in any way we can!