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Here at Syrpes & Pangborn, we offer many different options for sedation in order to help you feel comfortable and anxiety-free during your endodontic treatment. Our experienced and compassionate endodontists will help you decide which type of sedation is right for you based on your procedure and your stress levels regarding your treatment.

Endodontic Sedation Options in Centennial, Colorado

Below are the types of sedation offered here in our office and a brief description of each:

Local Anesthetic

Receiving a local anesthetic consists of a numbing medication known as lidocaine being injected directly into the area of the mouth that is to receive endodontic treatment. This will ensure that you don’t feel any pain during the simpler endodontic procedures.

Local Anesthetic with Nitrous Oxide

With local anesthetic and nitrous oxide, you would be administered a local anesthetic as described above. However, in addition to the local anesthetic, you would also receive a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, sometimes known as laughing gas. This medication is delivered through a make placed over the nose. You will be conscious during your procedure, but feel extremely relaxed.

IV Conscious Sedation

IV conscious sedation is a type of anesthesia that will allow you to stay awake, but in a ‘twilight’ state. You will be able to respond to questions and instructions, but will likely not remember anything from the procedure. This type of anesthesia may cause you to feel sleepy, relaxed, and sometimes euphoric.

Local Anesthetic with IV Anesthesia

During local anesthetic with IV anesthesia, you will receive medication through an IV during your procedure. Shortly after receiving the IV, you will fall asleep. Your vital signs will be monitored during the entire procedure, but you will be asleep throughout the whole thing. This type of sedation can be used for all types of endodontic treatment, depending on your level of anxiety regarding your procedure.

Please keep in mind that receiving any sort of IV sedation will require that you have a ride to and from your endodontic appointment. Additionally, please make sure to follow any pre-treatment instructions provided to you by our office before your surgery.

Here at Syrpes & Pangborn, it’s important to us that your procedure is pain-free and comfortable for you. Please let us know of any medications you’re currently taking, any medical issues you may suffer from, or any anxiety you’re experiencing regarding your endodontic treatment. We can use all of these factors to help you make a decision about which type of sedation is right for you.