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3 Common Root Canal Myths

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Root canal therapy has become something of an embarrassment. Something to be feared or ashamed of. There’s a good chance that you’ve heard something negative about root canal therapy, either from the internet, friends, or shows and movies. This may have caused you to feel anxious about the process of receiving a root canal, but most of this information is outdated.

The takeaway is that you shouldn’t believe everything you hear about root canal therapy! The procedure is one of the safest and most pain-free ways for you to save your natural tooth.

Myths Regarding Root Canal Therapy

Below are a few of the most common myths about root canal therapy and the truth behind them. We hope these will put your mind at ease!

  • Root canals cause illness – Many years ago, it was believed that root canals could cause kidney disease, arthritis, or heart disease. We want to make sure that our patients know there is absolutely no scientific evidence that this is true. Root canals are completely safe and help to rid the mouth of infection, improving dental and overall health.
  • Having a tooth pulled is the better option – It is always better to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible. If a tooth is prematurely or unnecessarily removed, you could experience jaw pain, bite problems, or teeth that begin to drift and cause gaps in your smile.
  • Root canal therapy is painful – An infected tooth is indeed painful before it’s treated. In addition, the treatment used decades ago did cause a certain amount of pain during the procedure. But dental treatment has come a long way since then and root canals are now no more painful than a dental filling. However, if you’re still anxious about your root canal, we do offer sedation options.

Here at Syrpes & Pangborn, our Centennial, Colorado endodontic specialists are committed to helping you save your natural teeth and maintain your healthy, beautiful smile. To learn more about root canal therapy in Centennial, CO please contact Syrpes & Pangborn today.

Posted on Dec 17, 2019
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